How to Pick a Builder – One That’s Right for You

You’ve decided you want to build a custom home or remodel your existing home and now you have to decide who is going to build it. This is an important decision – one that can make your building experience easy and pleasant or one that can fill you with regret and leave a bitter taste in your mouth.

Picking the right builder doesn’t have to be a decision that wreaks havoc on a good night’s sleep.  You can avoid becoming one of the “nightmare contractor stories” you’ve heard about by better understanding how to approach this task.

Here are our tips for picking a builder that is right for you.

  1. Reputation. Look for a builder/remodeler that has a strong business history, good safety record, excellent customer references and a comprehensive warranty program.
  2. Quality. Your builder/remodeler should be current on the latest construction techniques and committed to superb craftsmanship. Always ask to see examples of their work – those that are similar in scope to what you have in mind. For example, if you are considering a kitchen remodel, ask to see photos of a past kitchen remodel projects. Likewise, if you are interested in building a new home, you may be able to visit the builder’s model home or a home that is currently under construction.
  3. Service. Building or remodeling homes is a complex process with many opportunities for things to not go perfectly. When problems arise (and they will), a good builder steps up to the plate and makes it right. Make sure you get references, and when you talk to the builder’s past customers, ask how the builder resolved issues during and after construction.
  4. Personal Relationship. One of the most important aspects of picking the right builder/remodeler is gauging how well you get along with them. If your personalities don’t click, it will be a frustrating experience. Ask yourself:
  • Do you feel comfortable working with your builder and their staff?
  • Are they honest and forthright in setting realistic expectations before starting to build or remodel your home?
  • What commitment will they make to keep you informed throughout the process?
  • Will the relationship continue after the sale is made and construction is complete?

Picking the right builder/remodeler is an important aspect of your project’s overall success. Take the time to investigate the builder/remodelers you have in mind so you can have a much better chance at having an easy and enjoyable building experience.

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